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This is an opt out post for playing with Jessica. Her canon includes heavy themes such as rape, PTSD, suicide, alcoholism, child abuse and general crazy murders. A lot of these events have shaped Jessica and continue to haunt her, so it's likely that they might be included in her introspection sometimes. If you would like me to tone down certain aspects or refrain from mentioning some sensitive topics while tagging you, please let me know.

Secondly, the show is fairly new, having only been released a few months ago. I'll try my best to avoid outright spoilers, but let me know if you'd like me to be extra careful.

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Feb. 24th, 2016 02:42 pm
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Jessica Jones (32)
This place gets weirder every day



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Feb. 24th, 2016 02:42 pm
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"It's me. You know what to do."

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Eudio app

Feb. 23rd, 2016 02:38 pm
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Trigger warnings: rape, PTSD, suicide


NAME: Avery
AGE: 24
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Henry Dubois - The Diviners


NAME: Jessica Jones
CANON: Jessica Jones/Marvel Cinematic Universe
AGE: Not stated. Likely early thirties?
CANON POINT: AKA, 1000 cuts, episode 10.

BACKGROUND: wiki link

INCENTIVE: To undo the harm that Kilgrave has done in his lifetime. This means that Hope is alive and so are her parents. Reva is still with Luke. Ruben is still alive. Everyone that Kilgrave ever hurt is back to their regular lives like it never happened.

Jessica excludes herself from this incentive, because she knows that she has to be the one to stop him. The city can't do that for her.

She just wants to stop blaming herself for all the ruined lives she has left behind her, because everything she touches turns to shit.

FIT: When it comes to consent, Jessica knows how important it is better than most. She was previously the victim of a man with mind control powers, who forced her to be in a relationship with him and constantly makes twisted declarations of love. The last thing she would want is to make anyone feel the way that she has in the past.

As far as her sexuality goes, she's more than willing to sleep with Luke in canon, despite not knowing him all that well. She's also shown to really care about him in her own way. And given how important her incentive is to her, she'll willingly initiate enough contact to secure it.

Kilgrave left his mark on Jessica. She has pretty severe PTSD and trust issues, but I think Eudio will ultimately be the sort of place where she can heal. It will be a break from the stresses of her life, and one that she sorely needs. The process will take time, but it will ultimately be good for her character development.

SAMPLES: test drive prompts

[ Hope is bleeding out in her arms and there's not a damn thing that Jessica can do to stop it. She's bleeding out too fast, she's gasping out her dying wish, and Jessica's sob catches in the back of her throat. She promises. Promises that she'll kill Kilgrave, that she'll stop him from hurting any other beautiful, innocent girls who deserved a better shot at life than this.

Jessica's greatest weakness is that she occasionally gives a damn. Hope knew that, it's why she killed herself. To make sure that Jessica knows how important stopping Kilgrave is above all else.

The representative comes to her as she's crouching there with a dead girl in her arms. He asks her if she would like to make a deal, and her first instinct is to believe that he's either crazy or she's finally cracked and lost her mind. But he shows her a beautiful city somehow, some magic that she doesn't understand and barely has the patience to. He tells her that time will somehow freeze while she's there. ]

Stop him. That's my deal. You want me in your weird magic city? That's what I want.

[ We can't do that, he tells her apologetically. They won't do anything that hurts anyone else, no matter how much they deserve it. Jessica sucks in a deep breath, resisting the urge to say something uncharitable. Barely.]

Then undo this. Bring her back. [ It's not enough. If she really does have one magical trump card to play - not that she believes it - then it isn't enough. If Hope remembers, she'll never be the same again. ] I want her back at NYU, doing track like none of this ever happened. I want you to undo all the evil shit that he's ever done, all the lives he's ruined. Like they never met him.

[ He asks her if this includes herself, and she shakes her head. Because she's the one who needs to stop him. She's the one who made a promise.

Jessica offers a bloodstained handshake. ]

ANYTHING ELSE? Jessica's powers include:

super strength: she's much, much stronger than your average person. When she hits grown men, they fly through the air like rag dolls. She can lift a car while it's on and stop it from moving and punch through walls and doors with ease.

enhanced speed/agility: she can run a mile in under four minutes. Homegirl can catch up to cars if she wants to.

luke asks her if she can fly, and the answer is more like jumping and then falling. She can jump several stories up a building at once, and land safely on the ground after leaping off a building. To a certain extent, of course.

enhanced healing/durability: Jessica can take a hell of a beating before going down. Being punched through a wall? No problem. Hit by a car? That's gonna hurt, but what would have killed a regular girl will leave her merely incapacitated .For a couple hours at least, because she heals faster than a regular person. Most injuries are healed within a day or two.

In Eudio, I fully expect her powers to be nerfed to destroying a small car just like everyone else

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